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About Elizabeth Fox

Elizabeth Fox
I took a floral design class on a whim really. It sounded like fun. The timing was convenient. Why not?

That one little class has grown into so much more over the past fourteen years. I found I had an eye for design and enjoyed working with flowers. After some small events, I felt ready to tackle my first wedding. A friend on a budget was kind enough to let me experiment on her wedding in exchange for free design work. Some simple red-rose bouquets got me started on a career that I enjoy even more now than I did when I began.

Initial success made me eager for more training. Further study and apprenticeship followed. I was privileged to learn from instructors who didn't just teach me to follow their style, but taught me the underlying principles of design. This gave me freedom to branch out and create my own style - something which grows out of my native Californian culture, an adventurous streak, and an enjoyment of making other people's dreams take practical shape - in this case, through flowers.

Give me a call to set up a free consultation so we can talk about how flowers can make your special day everything you have pictured.

Elizabeth Fox